Lyme Disease

Tick-Tock, Let's Talk About Lyme Disease: Dr. Rebecca Risk's Journey

Rebecca Risk

Tick-tock, it's Lyme o'clock! Lyme disease may sound like a joke, but it's no laughing matter. This bacterial infection is spread through tick bites and can leave patients searching for answers for years. And let's face it, ticks are the vampires of the animal kingdom, so it's not exactly surprising that they can cause some serious trouble.

Dr. Rebecca Risk is a real trooper when it comes to Lyme disease. Her journey with this illness began when she was just five years old, after a tick decided to take a stroll on her hairline during a family hike. Fast forward a few years and Dr. Risk found herself knee-deep in grass during a work project, only to discover over 50 ticks crawling up her pant leg. It's a wonder she didn't tick all the boxes for Lyme disease then and there.

But it wasn't until Dr. Risk was 21 and had returned from a trip to Vietnam that her health took a serious turn for the worse. Insomnia, anxiety, depression, tendonitis, back pain, and headaches were just the beginning. After years of being told she was "anomaly" and "crazy," Dr. Risk finally got a positive diagnosis for Lyme disease. And to think, all it took was a test and a bit of advocacy.

Dr. Risk is now an advocate for Lyme disease awareness and treatment, helping others who may be going through a similar experience. And with more education and awareness, we can help those struggling with this illness find the answers and support they need. So, let's tick-tack-toe the heck out of Lyme disease and take precautions against those pesky ticks. Because, let's be honest, no one wants a tick tocking in their body.

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