Ananta Nutritionals is dedicated to bringing the best treatment available to Lyme Patients across the world. Lyme Disease is currently vastly under researched and the statistics on Lyme are extremely understated. In Canada we only have access to the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Lyme Supplements and Treatment. We are working with various companies to bring more Lyme products to Canada.

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Lyme Awareness Earrings


Lyme Awareness Window Cling


Lyme Awareness Ribbon Sticker


Lyme Awareness Confetti


Lyme Awareness Keychains


Lyme Awareness Bracelets


Lyme Awareness Charms


Under Our Skin: Emergence (DVD)


Under Our Skin (DVD)


Lyme Awareness Shoelaces


Lyme Awareness Pen


Lyme Awareness Water Bottle


Lyme Awareness Teddy Bear