Some of our most frequently asked questions by customer just like you! Have a question that isnt here? Email

Q: I am an Ananta Patient and cannot find my product. Where is it?

A: Some products currently carried and prescribed through Ananta Health are not able to be public on the website and some are not allowed on the website at all at this time. If you are an Ananta Health patient then please make sure that you have access to the "Ananta Health Products" and "Patients" page. If you do not. Please make sure you have an account and email to be given access. If your product is STILL not on the website then place your order as normal and type the item and QTY in the notes box of your checkout cart when prompted.


Q: When I search my item I cannot find it. I know it is on the site however. How can I find it?

A: This system is very particular on what you are searching. Try looking under components of the name. If you still cannot find then email our sales director


Q: How long does shipping and processing take?

A: Processing of an order can take 48 Business hours. If you are ordering after 5pm on a Wednesday there is a possibility that your items may not be sent until Monday (however we do our best to avoid this). We especially do this if your order contains items to be kept cold so that the order is not sitting in a warehouse over the weekend.


Q: How does Free Shipping work with products?

A: Ananta Nutritionals is pleased to offer a Free Shipping option on order over $250.This will also include the items in your notes. This means that if you have an order worth $100 and $170 worth of product in your notes. When we go to ring through the products in your notes we will discount the amount you paid in shipping. 


Example: Buying $100 off website and $200 in notes. Paid $16 in Shipping. You would have already paid the $100 and the $16 when you checkout on the website. When we go to ring through your $200 of products we would refund the shipping.



Q: What if I would like to pick my items up and not be charged for shipping?

We can certainly do this! If you are going to be around the Ananta Health Clinic (2745 17th Avenue S.W.) then please feel free to select the "Will pick up at Ananta Health" option as your shipping method. We will arrange for it to be there for you to pick up at that office.