Lyme Disease is a growing epidemic in Canada, and around the world.  This tick born infection is moving due to climate change and the migration patterns of bird, deer, mice and the ticks that travel with them.  Dr. Rebecca Risk spent 14 years suffering from Lyme before finding a diagnosis, and has dedicated her life to helping others find solutions to their chronic illness sooner than she did.  In 2012 she opened Ananta Health, a clinic dedicated to treating Lyme Disease and Chronic Illnesses.  Ananta Nutritionals followed in 2016, when she wanted to fill a gap in Lyme Disease treatment in Canada.  Lyme Disease is often not recognized or diagnosed in time, and many sufferers are left with an illness that won't respond to antibiotics.  Ananta Nutritionals is dedicated to importing natural herbs and supplements into Canada to make these treatments available.  Dr. Risk has dedicated her life to sharing information to help people who have fallen through the cracks of our health care system, and has a weekly radio show about health.  

Introduction to Lyme Disease