Bionette was developed by a team of scientists and doctors specializing in phototherapy and photobiology. Bionette harnesses the healing powers of Low-Level Narrow Band (“LLNB”) red light. It is clinically proven and its efficacy is supported by clinical and scientific data. Bionette has also been clinically proven as a drug free treatment for Hay Fever, along side treatment for seasonal nasal allergies. 


1. To use Bionette just squeeze it to turn on and place the lighted ends into your nostrils so it stays comfortably. It will stay in place by itself. Do not remove clear plastic prong protectors.

2. Gently squeeze the device on the widest part of its base. This will cause the light rods to separate and light up.

3. Place the light rods so that each rod enters one of your nostrils. You should experience no discomfort at all. Most users find that the device is stable and comfortable enough to allow other activities during the treatment.

4. The treatment is complete when the light turns off. Treatment time is 4.5 minutes.

5. When the treatment is complete, withdraw the device from your nostrils and gently wipe down the light rods with a clean cloth. Store the device in its secure plastic case when not in use. You may clean the device with mild soap and water. Allow to air dry.