Body Pure PRO+ Detox Foot Pads are used to help your body get rid of toxins, naturally.  Made to the highest quality standards with a specific blend of herbs and minerals these foot pads are extremely effective. They work with your body to stimulate natural meridians, remove toxins and reduce stress and tension. All the while improving your skin, decreasing joint pain, enhancing sleep and helping you feel more focused and energized.  This is a great product to safely remove metals, plastics, asbestos, and other harmful substances.   

Bamboo vinegar 3.3 grams, tourmaline, loquat leaf, citronella, diatomaceous earth, dokudami: houttuynia cordata, vitamin C, vegetable fiber, dextrin and total 5 grams.


Place a single pad on the sole of your foot for 8-10 hours. Wear consecutively for 30-90 days at night. Alternating a new pad each night between feet.