Dr. Rebecca Risk is the passionate owner and director of Ananta Nutritionals, as well as Ananta Health, a sister company. Her unwavering commitment to helping those with chronic illnesses has fueled her ongoing mission to import high-quality supplements to Canada. Dr. Risk's dedication to her patients is a testament to her hard work and expertise in treating hard-to-treat illnesses and disorders such as Lyme disease.

As a graduate of the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Rebecca Risk is highly trained in Chinese Herbology, Dietary Therapy, Acupuncture, BioScan SRT Testing, and is certified by the Academy of Natural Health Sciences in New Jersey as a Supplement Consultant. Her personalized treatment plans involve Chinese medicine and herbs that support her patients' nutritional needs for optimal health.

Dr. Risk has also hosted the popular weekly radio show Falling Through the Cracks from 2015 to 2020. Her 1998 Degree in Film Production was helpful here! Her show offered valuable tools and advice for thriving instead of just surviving, and she has dedicated her life to guiding those who have "fallen through the cracks" of the healthcare system to achieving optimal wellness.

Visit dr-risk.com to learn more about Dr. Rebecca Risk's mission and how she can help you achieve optimal health through natural and holistic treatments. Her hard work and ongoing commitment to serving those with chronic illnesses are a true inspiration.

Dr. Risk is currently seeing patients at her sister company Ananta Health.